п»їIELTS Speaking: 'hospitality' topic

1 . In your nation, how do people treat visitors from abroad? I think we treat guests well. People in the UK are extremely open-minded and welcoming, and we enjoy the mix of cultures that immigration and tourism bring. Most UK cities, for instance , are really multicultural, and you can meet visitors coming from every part on the planet. 2 . Do you think hospitality towards visitors is less important than it was in the past? In my metropolis, maybe is actually true that hospitality is much less important nowadays, but that's only because were so used to seeing visitors from distinct countries, thus we treat it as a typical part of life and nothing as well special. a few. What are the huge benefits of staying which has a friend in comparison to staying in a hotel when visiting a foreign region? If you stay with a friend, you benefit from somebody with regional knowledge of the very best places to visit. You may also get to know the smoothness and traditions of the local people, and for myself, this is one of the most interesting aspects of a trip to another country. On the other hand, in case you stay in a hotel, you are forced to have the new put on your very own, so it's associated with an excitement. ELTS Speaking Part 3: Hometown

For what reason do individuals have a very good bond with their hometown?

Individuals have a strong bond with their hometown because which is place in which are born and that is it doesn't place in which all their close friends or family and friends dwell. About what ways can you improve your hometown?

My home town is one of the biggest cities in my country, yet there is a single problem in my own city which is traffic congestion. Some people want to live in their hometowns for the rest of their lives. Why? People aspire to live in their particular hometowns since they are well linked and well aware of the place. Some people think that the remaining close to a family member can be a muddiness and they when you go far from these to achieve their set goals targets. What is the key reason for preference a hometown other than the truth you...


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