The customer product pitch presented by marketing representative lists all the relevant info necessary to produce a marketing plan. It first introduces the point segment that this product will be designed and marketed to. Missing this step may result in the product's failure and millions of dollars wasted in inadequate advertising. Secondly, it lists every one of Graves Enterprises' main opponents and in short , cites their particular distribution channels. One of the proposals is to increase the company's marketplace shares by simply designing a fresh product line strongly suggested as " safe, effective and eco-friendly”. In addition , the product's packaging would also be derived from reused material which will help the company cut costs and re-enforce its green initiatives. Subsequently, the company can price the product at better pay to match the competitors' market price for green products. These strategies will certainly enable the business to double its net profit mainly because it reduces price and raises profit margin. In my opinion, this kind of proposal will probably be effective because of the rise of the new cultural trend of sustainability. While consumers become more aware of the impact of global increased temperatures, recycling and also other green projects, a great a part of consumers is going to choose to buy environmentally secure products regardless if it costs them a bit more. This durability trend is rather new which may be the reason why the promoting researches executed suggested that price and quality are the first and second significant impacts on the consumer's shopping for decisions.

Another pitch by the buyer product manager is to create a new product series to be offered in retail stores. This kind of multi-brand strategy will increase you’re able to send market share in the marketplace by attaining a new target segment intended for the line. Additionally, the creation of a internet site for online sales gives consumers a much more convenient and modern way to purchase items. It will also present Grave...


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