Internal and External Factors

Mariela Santana


July 18, 2013

Rich Hidalgo

Internal and External Factors

Many external and internal factors affect the four functions of supervision; the process of dealing with individuals and resources to complete goals is complicated and forever changing. Effective managers are able to look for a balance between planning, arranging, leading and controlling (Bateman, & Snell, 2011). The four features are the fundamentals that are necessary in order for a business to be successful. A manager must be able to adapt to improvements that may be external and internal factors including globalization, technology, innovation, diversity and ethics. Technology is a field that may be constantly changing. Managers program and plan goals with the use of a Computers, laptop or perhaps I-Pad and in addition they use quite a few soft-wares to get the information had to move forward. With no incorporating technology into approaches a good supervisor cannot successfully plan after which organize to reach a goal. If the company's goal is to enter a new market how will a manager accomplish this without technology? Without technology a administrator could not overlap with sellers in different locations, research the market place they may be trying to get set up in and establishing a competitive border. Technology delivers way to deal with and contact vendors, employees and other managers. In order to set up a strategy a manager needs to be able to coordinate with crucial people' with no proper techniques resources required will not be utilized. Technological improvements create a competitive advantage.

In order to promote people to become high musician a administrator must take into account the diversity of folks that make up the company's workforce. Managers must be capable to mobilize visitors to contribute their particular ideas to be able to reach a target (Bateman, & Snell, 2011). Knowing the characteristics such as sexuality, education and skill level most affect how a manager is going to...

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