Talk #1 Outline - Profession Speech

Goal: To inform market about position of a Fashion Director

Guide: The fashion industry is definitely something I have always wanted to become involved in as I was youthful, and I recognized I had no other choice than to make a job out of it. So many people are skeptical of any career within the trend industry, well, in my opinion, only because they think you may not benefit from it or have the ability to find a job by any means. But in certainty, fashion is always changing and the demand for people who have the knowledge is usually going to become there, and that is what pursuits me one of the most.

I. Details of position - duties & responsibilities (what fashion owners do)

1 ) He/she are a combination of a producer/director/advisor/consultant/manager

a. Interact with mag editors, photographers, models

w. Duty to create a unified appear across vogue divisions of your store/fashion house/magazine

c. Carry on to date with the latest developments and promote them upon what ever project is being worked on

d. Recognize target marketplaces for designs/projects

e. Exploration future styles

II. Abilities (what it requires to be a vogue director)

a. be able to think creatively, focus on detail - developing, creating, creating new ideas

n. be able to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships -- have to be in a position to work and cooperate with others as well as them over time, coaching others as well

c. good connection with everyone - addressing your organization to the public

d. being organized -- as a style director your projects can be fairly broad and so being able to stay organized may help tremendously

at the. ability to study new styles and keep program them -- always changing

III. Salary/education

1 . Education

a. Bachelor's degree in a field of style - ex lover. fashion selling, textile science, fashion design [mymajors website]

m. Lots of jobs require some sort of experience in the field - internships help you get a feel of...


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