п»їWhat are the several trends (past, present, and future) which impact the development and operation of policing? В

The past tendencies of policing have not improved a whole lot so far as the job. The task of policing is still to shield their community. Some of the ways that it has been performed is community policing and problem solving policing. In the past, police officers used various kinds of policing like the watchman, the Watchman had the responsibility to safeguard their villages. The watchman would work with each other and exchange their views to protect their towns. The present day trends haven’t changed a tremendous amount but the way information can be gathered and technology has changed the way policing has been done in the past. Things like the use of cup shots, fingerprinting and the utilization of DNA to resolve crime has turned a huge impact about policing. Today we see even more community participation from policing, we see representatives doing this sort of programs while D. A. R. Electronic. to help stop future make use of drugs or getting involved in community enjoy programs to help stop crime in neighborhoods. We also see even more use of video cameras to help record crimes occurring. As for the ongoing future of policing, we will never really know what it has waiting for us, yet we can foresee that technology in struggling high tech crimes and more of your outreach towards the communities from law enforcement to be used to help while using future of policing and the adjustment of the laws and regulations in our society.



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