several. 5 Teenage Pregnancy Function File

Complete each of the activities below.

Truth: Teenage moms are more likely to drop-out of school and only about a third obtain a high school graduation diploma. Reality: Teenage births are associated with lower annual income for the mother, 80 percent of whom eventually rely on welfare. 1 . Read the two facts above and select one of them. Talk about the feasible ramifications pertaining to the teen parent's future as well as the future of the kid. (5 sentence minimum) (10 points) 1 consequence of being a teen mom is that this causes a domino-like impact. It will most likely cause you to drop out of school, whether that is senior high school or college. Without at least an increased school degree, it can be substantially difficult to find employment, and, even with one, in getting a job that will offer enough salary to support you, much less a young child can be hard. Without proper income, raising a young child can be extremely difficult, and produce a lot of pressure on equally you and the individuals around you. This can lead to creating bad habits, just like rarely promoting " family” activities, or perhaps unhealthy weight loss choices. All those would then be hard that you can stop, and would keep on being made by the kid, for they may not recognize this as unnatural nor detrimental.

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2 . Among the big health hazards of a baby delivered to a young mother is usually low beginning weight. What are two risks associated with babies who happen to be born with low labor and birth weight? (10 points/5 each)

a. The baby's bodily organs may not be fully developed.

b. The newborn is 40% more likely to die in its first month of life in comparison to those born at a regular weight.

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3. In addition to increased health risks, children delivered to young mothers are more likely to experience cultural, emotional, and also other problems. Go over two of individuals risks to the baby which might be unrelated to health. (10 points/5 each)

a. They may have an increased possibility to be mistreated or neglected.

b. Women born into a teenage mother are more likely to get a...


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