Weird Schizophrenia

Jamaica Webster

School of Phoenix, arizona

Dr . Kristi Lane, PhD

September 13, 2010


In this conventional paper one will give a description from the data proven upon a case study. One particular will summarize the major indications of the disorder discussed in the case. The disorder discussed in cases like this is Weird Schizophrenia. A single will give an outline of the client background. One will also explain any elements in the customer background which may predispose her or him to the disorder. One is going to describe symptoms that he or she may have seen that helps the diagnosis of the individual. One particular will illustrate the disparity of the disorder found in the situation and explain any information observed about the development of the disorder. One will certainly disclose the right short-term and long-term goals for this treatment. One will likely explain that therapeutic technique seems most appropriate in this case and give reasons. 1 will also provide an explanation of which therapeutic modality seems most appropriate in this case and provide reasons.

Weird Schizophrenia

This case analyze focused on a lady named Valerie, who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Paranoid Schizophrenia is a disorder in which an individual's thoughts, awareness, and feelings are distorted and leave the person not able to function normally in daily life (Kohn, 2009). With this paper one particular will talk about major indications of paranoid schizophrenia, the customers background, and factors that may predispose Valerie to paranoid schizophrenia. As part of the paper will probably be observations individuals and findings of the disorder noticed throughout the interview. Beneficial interventions which have been appropriate for your customer will also be mentioned. Background Information

Main Symptoms

Valerie is a girl with a sophisticated degree in her ancient with no children. Valerie diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia; at 28 when her marital life became unstable she began to have delusions that people were plotting against her. Normally paranoid schizophrenia diagnosed in individuals in adolescence or early adulthood (Butcher). Her husband confessed her involuntarily to an asylum for her personal safety along with his. The girl felt like your woman was a sociable outcast yet remains near to her family members. She acquired delusions can in the mental asylum, and believed which the doctors had been doing experiments on her, she also believed the doctors poisoned her medication. This in turn would prevent her from taking medication. Following eight years she began to believe the diagnosis and was stable through medicine initially. However , when Valerie finally performed decide to take the medication after a short time because of the side effects Valerie did not like the medicine. Hence, she'd often not take the medicine needed and the symptoms of her paranoid schizophrenia would aggravate. She experienced delusions of grandeur thinking television applications were speaking with her. Valerie believed the area priest was trying to track her upon through the television set. Valerie started to be so delusional that your woman threw the tv screen upon the floor and out of cash the pipe so the girl could be free from the recognized spying. She had paranoid delusions that she believed that people hid under her bed so they could spy on her. Valerie oftentimes believed the fact that reason she was a target and viewed because of her faith in God. Valerie was too bad at 1 point, believing that she had to travel her car so others within her family could stay safe. She also had fear that there might be a car explosive device to injury her as a result of her faith. Client History

Valarie came to be in New York City. She afterwards traveled to The state of colorado with her family. Her family traveled because her parents educated church institution. Valarie went to college in Washington. The girl took desire for psychology nevertheless had more concern intended for sociology. She enjoyed sociology because the program and options reminded her of her families...


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