Virtues of your Perfect Bride by Frank Mount British 101 Dr . Mary Ann Kohli Oct 12, 2001 Chris Support Dr . Mary Ann Kohli Eng information October 14, 2001 Virtues of a Ideal Bride In Dandin's " The Perfect Star of the wedding, " Saktikumara is searching for patience, creativity and a great sense of other benefits in a partner along with her magnificence. The definition of virtue is as follows: meaningful excellence and righteousness; many advantages and an illustration or kind of moral brilliance. Saktikumara is looking to get a wife to do the daily obligations around the house like clean, cook, and tend to Saktikumara's at any time need. In the search for this perfect bride-to-be he gets laughed at but in the conclusion he finds a girl whose name will certainly not be reviled. Through the story the girl proves that she has all the wifely virtues along with the splendor that Saktikumara is looking for in a wife.

Once Saktikumara finally finds this girl her shear beauty amazes him. This individual goes on and, from foot to head only describing just how beautiful she is. " Her toes will be pink inside; the soles are designated with auspicious lines, of barley wheat, fish, lotus, and glass pitcher; her ankles are shaped and the foot well round and not muscular" (136). Beginning at her feet this individual now maintains on describing her.

" The calf muscles are properly curved plus the knees happen to be hardly noticeable, as though these were swallowed by the sturdy legs. The loin dimples are precisely parallel and sq and shed luster upon buttocks round as chariot wheels. Her abdomen is usually adorned by simply three folds up and is thin around the deep navel, even a little caved. The wide based breast with proud nipples fill up the full place of her chest. Her copper crimson fingers, direct and very well rounded, using firm, smooth, finished nails just like glistening gems, adorn hands which demonstrate happy signs of abundance of grain, prosperity, and songs. Her biceps and triceps which start from sloping shoulders and heurter to the wrists, are very delicate" (137).

Saktikumara goes into superb detail relating to this girl's body system, which leads that you...

Cited: Dandin. " The Perfect Bride". World Views Classic and Contemporary Readings. Pg 136-139.


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