1 . Start the meeting| * Let's get started * Discussing start| installment payments on your State the aim| 5. The main aim/purpose of the appointment is to... 5. We're conference today to... * Wish here today to discuss about.. | several. Ask for opinions| * So what do you think about...? * What's your opinions/views? * How do you feel about...? * A few hear some more views/opinions| 4. Change the subject| * Another point/item within the agenda is usually... * Today, about... * Let's begin... | five. Summarize| * Let's sum up the point * Let's discover what we have * Discussing go over the main point again| 6th. Give opinion| * Via my point of view * To tell the truth/To be honest 2. As for me * As far as I'm worried * That stuff seriously... | six. Make suggestion| * I do think we should/could... * I would recommend we + V 2. Can we... 5. Why don't you... 2. How/what regarding... * My spouse and i suggest/recommend that... | almost 8. Comment on different opinion| * I under no circumstances thought about it that way before * Great point! 2. May be you right * I get the point| 9. Clarifying| 5. Have We made that clear? 2. Do you find what Now i'm getting for? * Allow me to put this kind of another way. 2. I'd much like to do it again that... * What do you mean by simply...? * Do you really mean that...? 2. I don't understand, are you saying...? | 12. Ask for opinions (2)| 2. Do you (really) think that... * (Name of participant) do we get your input? * How did you are feeling about...? | 11. Agree| * Accurately! * That's (exactly) just how I feel. 2. I have to go along with (name of participant) 2. That's a good option * Reasonable| 12. Disagree| * Up to and including point I agree with you, but... * (I'm afraid) My spouse and i can't acknowledge * I see what you mean, but... * I firmly disagree with you| 13. Interrupting| 2. May I have a word? 5. If I may well, I think... 2. Excuse me to get interrupting,... 2. Excuse me, I apologize to disrupt but * Hold on aminute...


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