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Questions about unit one particular

1 . Outlie the difference between sequence and rate of develoment. How come might children develop for different rates in different areas?

All youngsters are different in succession, one after another, continually of expansion depending on events of what will happen while gaining age, because like Maslows hierarchy of needs will be shown you need all acpects to develop, you need (qouting coming from Maslows structure of needs) basic requires such as physical needs (Health, food, sleep), safety requires (shelter, removel, belonging and love demands (love, passion, being a part of groups), esteam needs (self-esteem and respect from others) to finally you will reach the top to self-actualisation demands (Achieving specific potentail) so for a kid to develop they have to complete one of the area's ahead of they begin the next one.

every single child will establish at a different sort of rate such as Some infants start dental from 6 months and some of them start also at on the lookout for months, a few babies can start talking for around about 1 Yrs but also in some case's at the age of 1 yrs a lot of babies will certainly still just babble and point in what they want but it really will depend on the person. milestones of development are given as a wide-ranging avarage which they expect a child to succeed in but not most children are a similar and will develop at their own pace. Additionally, there are other different areas of development from physical, social, intellectual and vocabulary no matter what the regarding the child.. If one is missed or is slow it's really a cause for matter and may bring about a child getting given a unique recommendation.

2 . Discuss two personal factors and external factors that could influence a child or persons development

These are some factors for personal and external elements

Personal elements of a kids of development

Pupils health

mother whom uses medicines, drinks and smokes

what are the results during pregnancy

Becoming born early


Health position.


Learning difficulties

Exterior factors of a child of development

Housing and education.

Play and leisure actions.

Culture and language.

Aspirations and targets.

Family environment and background.

Family choices.

Cared for children. (i. e. Create care, kid minder, looked after by relatives)

All these affects affect children in different ways. children with difficulties and health problems abhor or are significantly less able to take part in some actions and this is going to affect physical development and can restrict children to not socialize with the various other children and there peers. If a pupil has any of the personal elements staff following that school will be aware of what a pupil might need to support all of them through university and include them in as much activities because they can carry out. if a child has learning difficulties they will be encouraged to produce in all areas and will will need guidance to control there needs. Pupils can come from a rage of various family environments and proceed through lots of different improvements while at institution like friends and family break up, a single parent may have a new spouse, illness, mooving house or even they are in care which will may transform a pupils behaviour which may have an effect on there period at school and ablity to learn. also Statistics show that children by a starving backgrounds are much less likelyto accomplish at university beause presently there own father and mother can not fulfill their needs and this would influence on all areas of development.

three or more. Explain how theories of development and framework to aid development influence current practice

There are a array of diffrenent theories of develoment and many psychologists have different tips on how children learn, several fill that children ability is inborn and some declare it will be based upon the oppertunites that they are given in there existence.

Piaget's constructivist theories which glance at the way in which kids seem to be capable of make sense of their world like a...


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