Travel in Mauritius is an important component of the Mauritian economy and a significant method to obtain its foreign currency revenues. The tourism market is also a serious economic quitar on the island of Rodrigues, on the other hand tourism is not developed in AgalГ©ga Islands. Mauritius is usually appreciated simply by tourists because of its natural beauty and man-made sights, multi-ethnic and cultural range of the population, tropical environment, beautiful shorelines and water sports. In the past three decades, Mauritius has created from a low-income economic climate based on farming to a middle-income diversified overall economy. Much of this kind of economic expansion has been the result of the development of the high-class tourism sector. Mauritius was mainly dependent upon the sugars and textiles industries, since world sugar prices dropped and the development of materials became financially unfeasible, the us government decide to expand the traveler industry. Through the years visitors to Mauritius has been mainly from Europe, due to the downturn in the economy in The european countries in 2011, the federal government decided to mix up its industry by providing direct flights to Asian and African countries which were going through higher growth in terms of arrival. The travel sector can be supervised by Ministry of Tourism and Leisure, the Mauritius Travel and leisure Promotion Expert (MTPA) encourages Mauritius by simply conducting sales strategies, participating in tourism fairs and organizing, in collaboration with the local travel and leisure industry, marketing campaign and activities in Mauritius and abroad. The Tourism Specialist (TA) is liable for licensing, controlling and supervisory the activities of tourist businesses, pleasure crafts, skippers and canvassers. It also contributes to the uplifting with the destination and provides technical assist with Rodrigues tropical isle. According to Statistics Mauritius, total voyager arrivals to Mauritius this summer was you, 294, 387 and traveler arrivals to get the year attained 964, 642 which...


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