Time Capsule Unearthed:

The 1960's Revisited

Michelle Houle

Kaplan University or college

SS310 -- Sociology

Final Project

Period Capsule Unearthed: The 1960's Revisited

A poster having a large tranquility symbol onto it

(Rigby, A. (1998). A serenity symbol's roots. Peace Assessment, 10(3), 475., ) The peace sign was a very prominent area of the 1960's since the era was filled with remembrance of the earlier wars joining with the new rawness in the Vietnam Battle. The mark was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom,. When the conflict started in 1954 no one believed it would continue as long as completely. During the 1950's the warfare hit excessive gear and the government began or restarted the draft for the service. It had been during this time the peace sign came into play with the younger generation, it was utilized in an attempt to try and persuade the government to end the war and to bring home the soldiers and bring peacefulness to equally our nation and Vietnam When the warfare started there were many people both old and young that were totally against the conflict, the staged protests and sit-ins looking to make the federal government stop the war and return the soldier's home to their family members. When looking again on the time that is most widely known for having which means three things, sex, battle and of course tranquility & take pleasure in, the peace symbol; represents the time very well continually wanted the peace that they believed the earth should have noted at that time. The peace mark is still trusted throughout the world from this day and age to again help promote what the people of all countries want. Peace with all persons, countries also to live in some type of harmony. MLK Jr, and Malcolm Times


The next item found were two pictures of prominent men from the period Martin Luther King Junior. and Malcolm X both men desired similar items from the nation and in the black community. MLK Jr. wanted equal rights for a lot of people as stated in the constitution, and during on this occasion blacks are not given precisely the same rights since...

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