Having power can be quite overwhelming, which in turn bring us to use it the ideal or the incorrect way. The two of these short account, ‘The Utilization of Force' simply by William Carlos Williams and ‘One of such Days' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, demonstrate how both of these doctors ought to force their power on their patient to enable them to cooperate. Both equally explore the struggle to be someone crucial to the contemporary society and having more expert than the persons of their town. In ‘The Use of Force' by Bill Carlos Williams, The doctor check out a sick girl named Mathilda. He determines to check her throat. Yet , she will not open her mouth as well as the doctor is without other choice then to uses pressure to inhibit her and examine her throat having a spoon, which makes the girl extremely mad. In ‘One of such Days' simply by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, however, Aurelio Escovar is a poor dentist without a degree. The mayor, that has been suffering severe toothaches for days and is eager, goes to find him. The dentist allows him in, examines him, and then removes the afflicted wisdom teeth, without anesthesia. The dental office on purpose made the creciente suffer all this time, and he shows the reason as he pulls out your tooth, declaring " Today you'll pay money for our twenty dead males. " Basically, the doctor work with his power to control the small girl as well as the dentist make use of his power to take vengeance. In ‘The Use of Force' by William Carlos Williams, the doctor, having more power than the little girl, mathilda, needs to employ force on her behalf to be able to examine her neck to see if features diphtheria, becoming stubborn mathilda try to defeat the doctor simply by screaming and making a scene. Becoming the one in charge, the doctor employ his electric power and power open the mouth of his patient ‘then I grasped the children's head with my left hand and attempted to get the wood tongue depressor between her'(6). Having electrical power you are up ahead of other people. In ‘The Usage of Force', your doctor needed to employ force around the little girl because she was not copping and she would have...


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