The Final Season Project Job Preparation

What the final 12 months project can be


Dual and Single Project

● The majority of you do the double project. This can be a normal Accolades project. ● The double project may be worth two modules. ● Several of you are doing the only project. To the E-Business degree and for some of the merged honours ways. ● The only project will be worth one component. ● This kind of talk is pertinent to both equally forms. 2

Importance of the Project

● The majority of you are carrying out the double project thus I'll discuss this. ● The project is important. ● The tag from the twice project is weighted equivalent to two themes. ● If there's a borderline case in the Exam Plank then one from the things we all consider in producing a final reasoning is the last year job. ● May well have ramifications for employment. 3

Importance of the Task

● A final Year Task: ● is without exam ● no different assessment

● Therefore , the project is a substantive and important piece of work. 4

What the Project is

Two parts: ● Mini-paper (hand-in November) - 25% ● Job (hand-in April) - 75%



● Sept. 2010, 2010. Deadline for submission of job proposal. (Should submit earlier). ● Oct, 2010. Submitter of a technological plan. ● November, 2010. Submission of mini-paper. ● April, 2011. Submission of project statement. ● May, 2011. Cartel session. 6


●November - submission of minipaper. ●25% of the total indicate. ●2, 1000 - 2, 500 phrases (3-4 pages), single-spaced, 12-point Arial font. ●References, bout, diagrams and figures do not count. Is it doesn't word depend of the daily news itself. ●Marking scheme are available on elearn (Web-CT). several


●An academic newspaper about a topic within your self-discipline. A books review rather than research. An original piece yet using existing literature. ●You must choose a topic which is relevant to the project. ●10% of the draw is " The application of suggestions from this newspaper to the job. " eight

Mini-paper cases

●Database technology. ●A coding technique. ●Description of a shader technique. ●Evaluating system efficiency.

●So some and analysis of a strategy, method, way, algorithm or technology. being unfaithful

Mini-paper and Project

●The two should be interlinked. ●Do something that immediately aids building your shed. ●Carry on with work with your project although doing the mini-paper. ●Do not end after you've completed the mini-paper.


Job Report

● April - submission of report. ● May - poster session. ● 73% of the total mark. ● 50 internet pages. ● Layouts and statistics within the text do rely towards the webpage size. ● References and appendices do not count. ● Marking plan can be found about elearn (Web-CT). 11

Project types

Two sorts of project: ●Research route) project (or Research

●Development project Creation route)



Research study

●Research does not always mean survey. ●A research project is not regarding " researching" a topic, my spouse and i. e. browsing about a subject. ●Research means undertaking an experiment (or experiments) to find out data. ●At the heart of a research project must be more than one experiments. ●Recommend that you do CO3709 " Research Topics in Computing" as your optional component. 13

Research study examples

●Demographics of movie players: ●Questionnaires (150+). ● Structured Interviews. ●Comparison of your standard computer keyboard with a online keyboard: ● Tests by using a set of subject matter, included working the inputting speed of users together with the two types of keyboards. ●Best approach is usually to phrase an investigation project theme as a issue. 14

Research project examples

●You cannot merely choose to follow the research route. ●You must get contract from you course leader. ●You must submit your pitch to your course leader about and she must agree to that. ●Typically you choose a research matter that a employee is enthusiastic about. 15

Expansion Project

● Product development. ● Report regarding the...


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