MAY POSSIBLY 18, 2014.


1 . THE SIGNIFICANCE WITH THE STUDY OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP TO THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF GHANA Study regarding entrepreneurship is extremely relevant not only because it allows entrepreneurs better satisfy all their personal requirements but due to socio-economic benefits it brings to a country. Entrepreneurship is essential to the socio-economic development of Ghana. Since entrepreneurs happen to be self-employed and create new businesses, they promote the local economy in many ways. All their new businesses produce jobs that have been not there before, which reduces the unemployment charge and puts more money in to circulation. Creating new services and goods also support stimulate the flow of money. These smaller businesses keep riches distributed a lot better than larger companies. Entrepreneurial initiatives encourage regional development, as well as the collective pressure of internet marketers has a wonderful impact on the general development of a country's economy. Entrepreneurs also contribute to neighborhood and national happiness with the addition of more careers and funds to the economy. In addition , the act of starting something totally new has a significant impact on the happiness and self-esteem with the entrepreneurs. This kind of positively effects socio-economic expansion, since people who find themselves happy may go out and spend money. Entrepreneurs also help improve living specifications with in your area sourced options that offer affordable prices. It also will help form a sense of community (belonging) due to the localization of the product as well as motivates people to look for new types of business and work on their own. The study of entrepreneurship as well as the education of potential business owners are essential a part of any make an attempt to strengthen the link between analysis capabilities (usually funded by the government when it comes to Ghana) and business skills which is so essential to a country's well being.


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