Kino's Attitudes Fearless, stubborn, and bright are definitely the three qualities that support explain Kino's changing perceptions. In John Steinbeck's history The Gem, Kino, the main character, is being portrayed as being a stubborn guy who becomes brave and bright, to be aware of and face his opponents. First, he portrays a stubborn person by not listening to Juana when she tells him that the pearl is bad. Second, Kino shows bravery when he falls off and kills the trackers to save his family.. Finally, he turns into bright by simply realizing the pearl can be evil and how he turns into a hero.

Over the story, Kino changes his attitudes about the way this individual perceives things. First, becoming stubborn can be one of his traits. The pearl can be an wicked thing and he have not realized that just yet. Juana tells him: " Kino this pearl can be evil. Let us destroy it before that destroys us. " With this, the idea sticks in Kino's brain, but this individual still does not change his views regarding the gem. An example if this would be if he gets extremely angry because Juana all of us throwing out your pearl. After the beating, Juana thinks about exactly what a man is usually.

She says, " It meant he was fifty percent insane and half goodness. It resulted in he would drive his strength against the ocean, the pile would stand while the man broke himself; that the ocean would surge while the man drowned in it. " She after that realized that the girl needed Kino so the lady decided to support the decisions he made. This kind of shows quick Kino's turn into a real man.

Being courageous is among the a trait talking about a hero. Kino will save his relatives from the trackers by eradicating all three of which. The author describes him simply by saying, " He Kratochvil 2 appreciated the rifle even as this individual wrenched free of charge his blade. His durability and his movements and his speed were a machine. " Kino shows a modern working day hero that individuals may think as, like a fictious character superman. When he understands that they experienced shot Coyotito in the brain, he confirmed how daring he could really be. The writer identifies his actions by declaring: "...


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