The Development of English Literature

Generally, English literary works is split up into seven durations from the educational angle: The first period is Early and Old English books. And this period can be split up into two parts. The first part is definitely Anglo-Saxon Period (449-1066). The key literary contribution of this period is the Legendary, and its masterpiece is the national epic The Song of Beowulf. It's the oldest composition in the English language as well as the oldest living through epic in Anglo-Saxon literary works. Next may be the Anglo-Norman Period (1066-1350). The literature with this period is greatly inspired by the Norman Conquest. Following the conquest, the customs and ideals called chivalry was introduced by the Normans in to England and can be reflected in literature, including the knightly code, the romantic interest in females, tenderness and reverence paid to Virgin Mary etc .. The existing form of literature in the Feudal England was Romance (传奇,骑士文学). The most famous Relationship was Friend Gawain as well as the Green Knight. The second period is the English language Renaissance. The 16th century in England was obviously a period of the breaking up of feudal relationships and the building of the fundamentals of capitalism. The result is an intellectual movement(思想运动) known as the Renaissance. The key-note of Renaissance is humanism and the greatest humanist is definitely Thomas Even more, the author of Utopia. The representatives in literature are Shakespeare and Bacon. The 17th Century is the Length of Revolution and Restoration The literature of this period was greatly motivated by the bourgeoisie revolution against monarchy. The politically tempestuous period manufactured the materials one of distress in the Puritan Age. The greatest representatives on this period are the " Three Johns”: Steve Milton, Steve Donne, the representative of the Metaphysical Institution and Ruben Bunyan, an excellent prose copy writer. The eighteenth c. is named the Age of Enlightenment, which, overall, was a manifestation of have difficulty of the then simply progressive class of...


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