The world has become much smaller than ever before since the science and technology growing so faster as well as the economic. At the same time a growing number of factories and companies in China are keen to put many into the worldwide market. Advertising translation is definitely the outcome on this economic tendency. This paper tries to assess cross-cultural misapplication in British advertisements converted from Chinese language at lexical/textual levels and culture backdrops ect, and puts forward some suggestions on how to prevent cross-cultural misapplication in advertising campaign translation.

Key phrases: Advertising translation; cross-cultural misapplication; suggestions


Abstract in English i actually

Abstract in Chinese 2

1 . Introduction1

2 . Ad Misapplication Translation in cross-cultural aspects a few

2 . 1 The creativity difference3

2 . 2 The shift of social values4

2 . installment payments on your 1 Classic differences in advertisement translation4 2 . 2 . two Religions different in advertisement translation…………… five

installment payments on your 2 . 3 Values differences in advertisement translation5

2 . installment payments on your 4 Political difference in advertisement translation6

3.  The strategies conquer the cross-cultural advertisement communication… 7

3. 1 Get over cultural barriers, respect pertaining to cultural dissimilarities, cultural several 3. two Master and use the vocabulary of the market countries, reduce direct pragmatic failures

almost 8

3. installment payments on your 1 Admiration religious values and national traditions and customs eight 3. 2 . 2And the audience, the key values of culture are in line with the social ethnic psycholoy

being unfaithful

3. 2 . 3 Get rid of racial superiority, avoid the countrywide mood

being unfaithful

4. Translation failure in translation skill aspects11

four. 1 Pragmalinguistic failure in English advertisements11

4. 1 . 1 Pragmalinguistic failure at lexical level………………………11 4. 1 . 2 Pragmalinguistic failure for textual level………………………12 4. 1 . 3 Upon cross-cultural practical failure in English adverts translated via Chinese……………………………………………… ….. 12

5. 2 Sociopragmatic failure in English adverts 12

some. 2 . you Sociopragmatic failure at lexical level………………………13

four. 2 . a couple of Sociopragmatic failure at fiel level 13

4. 3 On cross-cultural pragmatic failing in English language advertisements translated from Chinese14 5пјЋStrategies to prevent Cross-cultural Practical Failure in English Adverts


6. Conclusion 17

Acknowledgements 19

Works Cited20

1 . Training

There are numerous publications over the last a decade on the cross-cultural misapplication in advertisement translation to keep speed with the increase in knowledge of biological science. While using society designed and the economic climate flourish, the advertisements have a great affect on our day to day life and work after which the effect will become bigger than ever before. Therefore the culture is to advertisement translation just like precisely what is the water to fish. Marketing is an indispensable activity in modern financial systems as it assists in the efficient stream of item information on the market. On the one hand, it offers choices to consumers, and the various other, it helps makers explore and expand the market. It is a type of mass conversation through which info is provided to many persons at the same time. The function of the advertisement is definitely attracting the guests and advertising and marketing even have a good case in point for the commercial picture. Advertisement translation is not only in literally yet also in cultural situations. Goddard alerts of the perils of ignoring social factors such as textual model rules, thinking and principles. She statements that ‘the essence of good advertising replicate is certainly not about merely translating the words; it is regarding encoding the proper concepts, and people concepts could very well vary from culture to culture' (1998, s. 80). Help to make the foreigners know what is usually love and accept the commodities from our country, advertisement translation is a necessary procedure we must not neglect. You know...


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