Since the beginning of America, everyone has a new dream. These kinds of dreams change, everything from money, love, know-how, happiness, and freedom. Also in the new The Great Gatsby, F. Jeff Fitzgerald concentrates on the reality from the American Fantasy through characters like Daisy Buchanan, Myrtle Wilson, and Jay Gatsby. Fitzgerald embodies the American Dream of funds through Daisy Buchanan, ladies of class and wealth. Daisy Buchanan defines her desire. For instance, the moment Gatsby 1st invites Daisy and Chip over to discover his house, Daisy cries over the kind of shirts Gatsby owns. Daisy says, ” they're this sort of beautiful shirts… it makes me miserable because We've never seen such – such gorgeous shirts before”(Fitzgerald 92). Another example of this is Daisy's getting a pearls above the letter before Tom and Daisy's marriage (Fitzgerald 76). Tom offered Daisy pearl jewelry worth $3, 500 although Gatsby simply gave her a letter (Fitzgerald 76). The readers below infers that Daisy decides the pearls over the letter because the pearl jewelry symbolize cash and disloyal love, even though the letter symbolizes true love with no wealth. In the long run, money was deemed of more importance than take pleasure in, meaning Daisy permanently decided to go with Tom over Gatsby. Another character that Fitzgerald embodies the American Dream of money through is definitely Myrtle Pat. Mrs. Wilson is not able to achieve her fantasy. Myrtle actually marries Mr. Wilson mainly because she believed he was a gentleman who also owned his own suit, meaning he previously money (Fitzgerald 34). The girl later detects that Pat borrowed the suit by another guy his size (Fitzgerald 35). Mr. Pat just wishes Myrtle happy, but this individual could by no means please her because most she wishes is funds. Myrtle complies with Tom Buchanan, a rich married man, and they fall in love. Here she becomes a part of the materialistic dream. The readers infer the fact that true reason Myrtle really loves Tom is for money. Fitzgerald's character, The author Gatsby, actually reaches his desire. He is a character that cheats his method into the middle class,...


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