Telstra is a company that floated by authorities in the past and it is a monopoly company featuring the telephone and internet services in the past. Yet , there are more and more competitors such as Optus and 3 coming. Telstra nonetheless keep making use of the same managing method similar to the past 20 years. In fact , Telstra is dropping its position available in the market. As Telstra think they are monopoly and so they do not care about the competitors. They are blocking the network access of their competitors. Additionally, they refuse to bet the expenditure of wifi broadband. That makes the shareholders disappointed. They are the reasons that Telstra retain losing market share and consumers. The administration problem of Telstra is they use a vintage management approach to manage the business. They just focus on what they wish in the firm but not the customers want. They have to change their very own management approach and think more external about the company. This survey will argue that Telstra should certainly use a contingency approach to take care of the company instead of classic approach. There are different management approaches including traditional approach, beahavioural approach, contemporary approach and contingency method to manage the company Classical strategy has 3 parts, technological management, administrative principles and bureaucratic business. According to Schermerhorn et (2011) stated scientific management is indicate emphasizes mindful selection and training of workers with supervise support(p. 90). It implies the manager should thoroughly select ideal workers several part of jobs. According to Schermerhorn ou (2011) talked about bureaucratic firm is an effective organization approach that founded on logic, order and legitimate power (p. 91). It can help the company organize with an efficient approach. As the classical procedure is too bureaucratic and believe too inside. A more a contingency approach is better for Telstra.

Behavioural approach is definitely Modern approach is suggest people are interpersonal and...


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