Talent management in academia: efficiency systems and HRM procedures Talent and satisfaction management have grown to be a key ideal HRM issue for schools. This study adds to our knowledge by critically reviewing recruitment and selection techniques for junior and elderly academic skill in the Holland. We determine three key dilemmas in talent and performance management for universities: (a) transparency compared to autonomy, (b) power of HOURS versus benefits of academics, (c) equality versus homogeneity. The purpose of this examine is to offer a clearer picture on how educational talent can be defined and recruited to be able to obtain a better understanding of academics talent and performance management and on how that it can be implemented in practice. Most schools currently work in a global, complex, powerful and remarkably competitive environment. Trends such as globalization, the increased range of motion of scholars and the pension of the baby-boom generation happen to be leading to a scarcity of educational talent in numerous disciplines. The sector can be moving toward a more ‘professional' approach to personnel management, with the Netherlands, but also consist of Western countries. In the bureaucratic model, the collegiality of academics of equal status working together with nominal hierarchy and maximal trust is substituted by a relatively more target, fair and transparent method of evaluating overall performance. Part of this kind of movement may be the emphasis on hiring ‘talent' and using overall performance indicators, which offers academics and HR managers with the opportunity to select people for their commence. METHODOLOGY:

This post draws on scientific material obtained in two research projects on the recruitment and selection of academic talent inside the Netherlands. The first analyze focused on mature academic skill: full instructors; the second examine on jr academic skill: PhD learners, postdocs and assistant professors. The composition and composition of the academic career system in the Netherlands...


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