while the moderator I will point out the question bring in you guys and your alternatives keep the as well as guide the conversation in the free- interaction along with state and explain the perfect solution is during the formal period and so i will collect all The query in hand could be ”what can be achieved to reduce the interest rate of harmful foods consumption by the community? " What they are called of the panelists and the matters they will be showing in the purchase of first to last will be Rashid Raymond Kramer while the pemandu I will point out the question introduce you guys and your solutions keep the as well as guide the debate in the free- interaction as well as state and explain the perfect solution during the formal period so I will acquire all info from u and add it together to come out with the solution and we may agree or disagree on it. The next option, which would be presented simply by Erika Graefe, is the laws and regulations that can be integrated. These are laws and regulations that can be designed to govern the practices of growers and food companies.  What laws can be put in place to regulate the expansion of food.  Should the laws suspend certain foods?  Make the use of pesticides or herbicides, toxins, antibiotics etc . illegitimate.  Etcetera

Aaron Bnfer will then go following by covering Immunity. May drugs or other chemical help the body develop defenses to the poisonous foods we consume? В В Since the toxins and poisons may be found in each of our offspring, perhaps there is any way our systems are creating a natural defenses to these meals poisons that will allow the harmful toxins on food to one day time be non-harmful to us? В Is right now there a special rinse out solution we can create to wash away all of the poison from your foods? В Explore this subject and the possibilities.

Colin Sofo is protecting Organics how feasible can it be to only acquire organic foods. В What are the cost distinctions? В How could you tell the difference? В Is this a realistic approach?

Rashid Raymond Kramer do the alternativesВ What are healthy alternatives we are able to use rather than the pesticides, harmful toxins, hormones, remedies, high salt...


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