Social welfare obligations and the college student grant


Social well being payments as well as the BTEA

Circumstance studies


If you are getting back to education and have been getting a cultural welfare payment you may be eligible for the Back to Education Permitting or the scholar grant depending on your circumstances. It is not necessarily possible (in most cases) to get the Back to Education Allowance and a full student offer at the same time. If you are getting One-Parent Family Repayment, Disability Permitting, Invalidity Pension check or Illness Benefit, you need to assess unique more necessary for you to transfer to the BTEA when you go returning to education as well as to remain on your current payment and apply for a student grant. If you are receiving Jobseeker's Benefit or perhaps Jobseeker's Allocated, you must transfer to the BTEA if you wish to keep a social welfare repayment when you go returning to education. This kind of document sets out your options.

To Education Allowance

The Back to Education Allowance (BTEA) allows persons getting specific social welfare payments to acquire a social well being payment when participating in permitted full-time programs in further more and advanced schooling. People getting involved in the BTEA scheme are paid a weekly allowance equivalent to the social wellbeing payment these were getting prior to starting their program. Student Offer Scheme

Students doing full-time higher education undergraduate/postgraduate courses and full-time Post Giving Certificate Programs (PLCs) may obtain financial support through the means-tested Student Grant Scheme. Grant rates for being qualified students vary according into a number of factors, including home income, family size and whether the scholar's college is usually close to all their permanent home. From 2012 onwards, fresh postgraduate students do not qualify for a full scholar grant however they may are eligible for a partial offer (see below) if they pass particular means testing. The scheme is made up of three or more components -- a protection grant, fees grant and a postgraduate contribution. The upkeep grant can be described as contribution towards the student's living costs. The fee offer can cover any of the subsequent 3 elements: tuition fees, students contribution and expense of essential field trips. The postgraduate contribution of €2, 000 might be payable to a postgraduate who passes a special means check. In general should you qualify for a maintenance give you will also are eligible for whatever aspects of a fee grant apply to your circumstances. Read more in our document for the Student Scholarhip Scheme.

Protection grant and BTEA

Because the 2010/2011 academic year you are unable to get a protection grant and a BTEA or a VTOS allowance jointly. Exceptions:  If you had been getting the Back in Education Allowance and the pupil maintenance offer at the start from the 2010 educational year, still be eligible for both payments for the entire duration of your present course. When you have completed a course and now wish to progress to a study course at a higher level, you can still retain the BTEA payment (generally up to level almost eight on the Nationwide Framework of Qualifications). Nevertheless , you will no longer be entitled to the maintenance component of the student grant. You can apply under the grant structure to have the scholar contribution and any college tuition fees/field trip costs paid out on your behalf under the fee element of the student offer (if you qualify) as well as for a postgraduate fee contribution (if relevant). There is one particular exception for the general strategy: if you are obtaining both BTEA and repair and wish to improvement, without a burglary studies, via a Level six Ordinary Degree to a one-year ‘add-on' Level 8 Accolades Degree, you may continue to acquire both BTEA and a maintenance give for the ‘add-on' year. Fee offer

If you are receiving the BTEA you may not qualify for the maintenance component of trainees grant nevertheless you can apply for any fee grant to cover students contribution and any program tuition charges not previously covered by the Free Fees...


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