The brand of our organization is FAST solution the industry partnership business formed under the Partnership Act 1932. All of us will provide auto mobile assistance in whole Dhaka city by two ways; the first is car restoring shop and another can be one prevent service. Bangladesh has a big market pertaining to automobile repairing business due to huge number of personal vehicle and most of them are influenced by own. Basically amongst those complete owner a lot of them have no idea regarding any elements of his/her motor vehicle. For our repairing store we will certainly lease two plot of land one in Demra and another in Gabtoli. And then for our one stop assistance we have chosen 8 most critical area wherever our technicians will be available to get service featuring. If anyone features any problem relating to his/her motor vehicle and make a contact to all of us then our local depot technicians' will go right now there and will resolve that issue. We is going for racker lease via DMP, which will help us to move those automobiles which are poorly break downed. In order to protected 100% a single stop service we have your workplace space within our Gabtoli repairing shop and our interaction officer are getting call after that. In order to learn about the market potentiality, we were surveyed to 25 respondents and inquire them inquiries regarding the sector. We have also done Porter's five, INFESTATION analysis and SWOT examination to receive an inside perspective of the marketplaces internal and external environmental factors. Each of our initial purchase is TK. 26, 12-15, 000 (including 4year advertising cost) and our breakeven 3755units and breakeven monitory value dollar value is TK4792254. 94 In addition , all of us go for NPV and found that in beginning year we have loss along with that it will take three year (total 4year) to recover the initial expenditure.


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