Maintaining consistent development and superiority in a competitive market: Problems & Technique of CRUISE

With exponential progress in the global economy brand new challenges are emerging in the corporate community. The huge increase of expense in the industry globally demands high levels of competencies to reap fruitful rewards. In spite of many all round reforms, the industry is unable to fulfill the extremely good sized quantities and sophisticated variety of challenges that have opened in view of the sky soaring targets, decreasing profitability due to rising expense of inputs, shortage of skilled manpower and other solutions This rising scenario causes the market to develop a continuum technique to maneuver the five machines of growth viz Industry, Capital, Technology, Organization and the most importantly the people- these are the task professionals who control the various other engines. As a result the need of the hour is to buildup the amount of expertise across the entire cross-section of the organization in order to meet these challenges and fulfill the desired goals and perspective of the market. It can be easily understood that the growth target for SAIL has abruptly shot up, even though the manpower is usually taking a deep downslide. As a result the vital need of the hour is always to increase the staff members productivity to bridge the ever extending gap. This could only be feasible by improving upon the existing competencies and learning new kinds.


Considering the above details SAIL offers chosen the subject " Maintaining consistent expansion and supremacy in a competitive market: Difficulties & Technique of SAIL” for young managers tournament trophy 2013-14. Above matter covers mainly four subject areas which are the following;

1 . Constant Growth

installment payments on your supremacy in competitive market

3. problems before TRAVEL

4. technique of CRUISE to take on the problems before TRAVEL

So , our Empirical research lies surrounding the four elements given above. But before considering upon the each and...


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