Chapter 15

Supply chain Strategy

Assessment and Debate Questions

1 . What recent changes include caused source chain managing to gain importance?

2 . With the much effective capacity and room pertaining to expansion in the United States, why might a company based in the United States tend to purchase things from foreign firm? Talk about the pros and cons.

The use of overseas firms can provide a U. S. organization more alternatives in picking out a supplier. The advantages are more options, potentially decreased costs in the areas of elements, transportation, development, and syndication, and possibly moving nearer to a foreign marketplace. The negatives are the range is generally increased, communications problems are increased because of distance, lifestyle, and technology. There may be issues with customs, federal government regulations, political stability, etc .

3. Illustrate the differences between functional and innovative products.

Efficient products will be staples that people buy in a wide range of stores. Typically, they just do not change much over time, have low income, stable foreseeable demand and long life periods. Innovative items, on the other hand, offer customers extra reasons to get. Fashionable clothing and personal pcs are instances of innovative goods. Innovative products have short life periods, high income, and volatile demand.

5. What are features of effective, responsive, risk-hedging and acuto supply organizations? Can a supply sequence be equally efficient and responsive? Risk-hedging and Agile? Why or Why not?

your five. As a distributor, which elements would you consider about a purchaser (your potential customer) to get important in setting up a long term relationship?

The financial stability and credit worthiness in the company is of primary importance. The reputation of the company visavis their provider is also extremely important. For example , are these claims a company that is certainly fair using its suppliers and honors their payables in a timely...


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