Freedom is such, that it can be desired simply by every animal. From this we see that it is the soul's inclination and the spirit's longing to be free. Family pets and parrots, however thoroughly educated and tended by simply us, have the behavioral instinct to avoid becoming confined.

Wherever does the desire for freedom begin? Its beginning is explained in a very amazing way in certain of the historical stories. The stories in the Hebrew and Arabic scriptures tell us that when God built Adam, He commanded the spirit to the body of Hersker, which he previously made out of clay and drinking water. When the nature was told to enter, this refused, stating, 'No, Let me never turn into a captive in this dark penitentiary, I, with always been free, dwelling everywhere without bondage, without buffer. I will never become attentive in this place. ' In that case God believed to the angels, 'Sing. ' And when that they sang, the spirit fell into ecstasy. It became intoxicated by the beauty of the vocal. While with this state of intoxication this did not find out where it had been going, and so it was it entered the mandatory place. And so when Hersker opened his eyes, the spirit was there. Mandsperson was surviving. When we ask into the misfortune of your life, the very first of causes is separation coming from freedom. This kind of tragedy are visible all kinds of people. From abundant to poor, from the the majority of illiterate to the most knowledgeable, everyone has this kind of grudge. Maybe one foi it, whilst another would not, but the grudge is in everybody's mind likewise: that he has moved into this objective world. In this entry seems to be the cause of every one of the tragedy of life, the tragedy that man's nature cannot be satisfied in life, cannot have long lasting happiness, as long as he keeps in it.

But if you ask someone you meet, what the cause of his life's tragedy is, he may say, 'O, I very long to have more money. I are very poor, and without resources. I am unhappy. ' Another person may well say, 'O, I have everything I want, although my family members are cross and very unkind to me. ' Another...


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