Group Task Question –

Choose a retail organisation (of retail products e. g. a supermarket) has acknowledged your group with a simple to research and analyse their retail web marketing strategy and to make a report based upon your examination. You are required to decide on a retailer through the list of suppliers given in this document and conduct an organized review of the retail supplying, making tips for improvements. You may focus on a certain aspect of their strategy rather than a broad overview. For example , you might want to examine all their strategy in say store format and location or web marketing strategy. You may have a free decision but it strongly recommended that you should take on an issue thorough rather than take a step very wide-ranging and shallow. You are required to focus on any one of the next aspect related with the retail marketing strategy.  


1 ) Introduction –3

1 . 1 . Research Goals –3

1 . 2 . Strategy of research –3

2 . Literature Review –5

2 . 1 . Selling –5

2 . 2 . Retail Marketing: Retail store Location –5

2 . a few. Important attributes of Shop Location –6

2 . several. 1 . Population of likely customers in the region –6

2 . 3. installment payments on your Evaluation of the existing competition level –6

2 . 3. 3. Closeness to the potential customers –7

2 . 3. some. Closeness for the potential employees –7

installment payments on your 3. a few. Transportation establishments available –7

2 . 3. 6. Position image in synergy with all the company's manufacturer –7 installment payments on your 4. Position Positioning –8

3. Retail store Location By Globus –9

3. 1 . Globus being a brand –9

3. 2 . Globus Store for East Delhi –9

several. 3. Globus Store for NOIDA –10

4. Summary and Suggestions –11

a few. Bibliography12

1 . LAUNCH –

The introductory part of this statement is aimed at introducing the topic of research towards the readers and possess the readers precisely what is about to appear in the statement. In this study the company which has been selected is that of Globus plus the area of price tag marketing that can be chosen in here is those of Store area. In this part the research would provide the readers with objectives behind conducting this research and the methodology implemented for this analysis as well.


Store location is one of the key success factors for any from the companies in retailing organization and that is what we should are going to investigate in this exploration as to how important is retail outlet location for starters of India's largest apparel retail string, Globus. From this paper the authors would ensure for investigating several this that happen to be taken into account whilst selecting the proper location for the business. Through this paper primary is upon Globus picked its store location because of its stores in New Delhi and the Nationwide capital Place and how this impacts their overall potential to be successful or not. With this paper their particular store places for two o their stores, one in East Delhi and other one in Noida has been considered for research. Researches in past times have done a lot around the marketing element of " Place” and how the positioning of a place is of such importance. With this paper this can be taken forwards and the Retail outlet Location as well as its importance in modern day selling is being reviewed


The research technique adopted in this research newspaper by the authors are aimed at exploring that how retail store location assists a company in its business and how it is a approach of crucial success element for them. Hence the research procedure which has been chosen in this conventional paper by the writers is that of a great Exploratory Study which is targeted at exploring this very thing. For this very goal the authors have selected two of Globus's best selling retailers, one in east Delhi and also other one in Noida and they are becoming analyzed in the perspective of your store area. The data has been collected from this research by both the major as well as the supplementary modes of information collection which has a special target given to the main data collection as it is the real key to research in...

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