Satire analysis: Hannah Milner Primrose Red Brown

Jerry Du

May possibly 5, 2013


Making connections

What really does the story make me recall?

▪ " not playing parents' advice”

o " don't talk to strangers”

▪ Vanity/self-conceit as well as the consequences

o Not really listening to guidance on account of looks or impressions ▪ Chinese proverb [roughly translated]: " declaring the grapes are bad when you can't even preference them. ” Connects to Hannah Milner because the girl concludes the fact that world is definitely " a much more interesting place when it's blurry”, just because your woman doesn't want to try the different option ▪ Bias in news reports

How do my experiences connect with the story?

▪ Quite a few cases of " childhood rebellion” (ski trip? ) ▪ Concerning the case pointed out in the previous point, the reasons why I chose to do the things i did/what occurred ▪ Informing private information unwittingly to other people ▪ Aloofness after other folks winning college competitions (grade five spelling bee, speeches)

Example of an association I built

▪ After losing in the level five course competition, I actually resolved to take a look at the list of words essential for the school competition from my personal class's applicant; with one particular glance, I decided that I may easily expert the school rounded; even through the competition, My spouse and i made insinuating comments to myself the fact that " words were so easy” and this " this was nothing pertaining to me” ▪ During many that engaged some people in prior classes being invited to a certain someone's party and not myself, My spouse and i often said things such as, " paintballing is hardly any fun…it's so aggressive” or " a sleepover? That's smudged, ” just because I had not been included


What text messages are given indirectly?

▪ " don't produce decisions based on wants, yet based on needs” (decisions depending on wants often result in catastrophe( include a conceivable real life case? )

What evidence qualified prospects you to this kind of conclusion?

▪ Hannah Milner, after deciding that she really wants to appeal physically to the world, placed their self in danger ( if she had regarded listening to the optometrist's guidance, she might have been forewarned for the dangers in her grandmother's house Example of an inference I made

▪ (see above)

▪ Also, [drawing from background knowledge] the wolf, requiring a treat but not necessarily a two entrée feast, arranged his goals too high and lost his tail as a result


What images do I see to my way of thinking?

▪ A rebellious woman who frequently squints

▪ A completely demented grandmother – covered with frizzy hair, dressed in a flowery nightgown with puppy features, with a horrific smile ▪ A totally confused and shocked girl (note that she's even now rebellious) who have fears for her own lifestyle and is at this point called upon to defend herself by a upset wolf who enjoys cross-dressing ( an all out strike with cooking food soup develops, followed by a shrieking/yodeling granny who lures out of the wolf's throat, and concluded with a lunatic woodsman who crashes through the entry way and at random chops off of the wolf's butt

How are these kinds of images produced?

▪ " besides, I hate how I look in glasses” (this gives me a sense of sassiness and confidence in oneself; the ‘rebellious' part comes from the truth that she refuses to comply with both her optometrist's suggestions and her mother's) ▪ " Thyroid disorder? ” ( " …bulging eyes…” ( " …she smiled gently. ” (imagine a wolf smiling) ▪ " I snapped up the soups and…threw the whole thing at his face…Gran came flying out…” (total chaos in the house) ▪ " …the woodsman burst through the door, axes swinging! ” (the ‘swinging' part suggestions to me the fact that woodsman only wasn't that responsible)

Sort of words or a phrase that I visualized

▪ (a mixture of the two areas above)

Getting important tips

What does the article writer want myself to think about?

▪ " appear before you leap” (in this case, to Hannah, have the ability to look prior to befriending the wolf inside the forest, after entering the property,...


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