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Roswell Incident 1947

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In 1869 Truck Smith acquired some terrain with a few bulidings and known as it Roswell after his dad. Four years afterwards Smith founded a mailbox. In 1877 Smithe began developing the city. Later as time goes on during World War II, the Roswell Army Atmosphere Field began south of Roswell to train bomber crews. Six years later Roswell Army Surroundings Field received involved in a unidentified traveling object northwest of Roswell. Science or pseudoscience


Support or refute your hypothesis?

I belive it was not really aliens becuase it was a unidentified flying object north west of Roswell. They will couldnt inform weather it had been a strange spaceship or maybe a weather ballon. Thus there to get there is no actual proof that is certainly was a spaceship.

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Dan Wilmot and his wife were seated on their front porch if they saw a dazzling saucer molded object with glowing lamps moving around they skies at 400-500 miles hourly. Wilmot estimated that the soaring object was about 20-25 foot across. The object was from the Southeast and disappeared to the Northwest.. Research or pseudoscience


Support or refute your hypothesis?

I believe that if wilmot saw something in the sky and was heading 400-500 with it would be hard to tell what size it...


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