Romeo replies to Juliet's speech by agreeing to disown his name " Henceforth, I under no circumstances will be Romeo”.

William shakespeare implies the risk that the lovers are in when Juliet points out " the place death, considering who have thou art”. This makes tension to get the audience, and demonstrates Juliet's concern pertaining to Romeo's security – " If they are doing see the, they will murder thee. ”

Romeo echoes metaphorically if he says " With love's light wings did We o'erperch these kinds of walls”, recommending there is no boundary to his love.

Romeo claims to get the idea of his death much better a lifestyle without the like of Juliet, " My entire life were better ended by way of a hate than death proroguèd, wanting of thy take pleasure in. ”

Juliet admits to be blushing " the mask of night is usually on my face, else will a first blush bepaint my cheek” and asks, " Dost thou appreciate me? ” She procedes express matter that the lady may have been also forward in her soliloquy asking him to forgive her on her behalf foolishness " Therefore pardon me, and never impute this kind of yielding to light love”.

Romeo states his love by " yonder blèssed moon” employing celestial referrals. Juliet responds by declining to allow Romeo to swear by something and so changeable " O trust not by the moon, th' inconstant moon”. She concerns that it is the way in which their like will be " Lest that thy appreciate prove similarly variable”. Juliet encourages him to be legitimate and to make use of a less traditional, more spiritual concept of love, reinforcing the idea that she is taking relationship seriously.

Juliet in that case tries to state goodnight " Sweet, good night. This kind of bud of affection, by summer's ripening breathing, may demonstrate a beauteous flower the moment next we all meet. ” She in that case uses a rhyming couplet, " as sweet repose and rest arrive to thy heart as that inside my breasts. ” Romeo expresses his wish to prolong their period together " O, wilt thou leave me and so unsatisfied? ” but they component as Juliet's nurse telephone calls her plus they agree to fulfill again. " Stay yet a little. I will come again” as they produce a commitment to each...


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