RETIREMENT LIVING SPEECH – for August 29, 2011

In 2005, I put in my notice of retirement living to occur about March thirty-one, 2010 and the ones five years flew enough, apparently to my surprise and as the time of retirement attracted near My spouse and i felt which i was not looking forward to that big step. To be able any government employee could do, We requested and was promptly granted a one year file format which was consequently extended another six months, and then another month. The time provides actually showed up and I go along with mixed emotions. Many ideas that I got have now changed due to the loss of life of my partner, Shay, and so i will have to reassess what I will probably be doing in retirement. I started with Brandon Terrain Titles Office on June 6, 1982 and for quite awhile I had been not that keen on the task. There was not the training or resource materials available in that case that there is today so I was basically by myself in regard to learning what Area Titles was all about. The task seemed dry and monotonous, but within my more than forty five years of service that altered dramatically. For many years, I have adored the work i do in Land Games. Mind you, the more responsibility you could have the more interesting the work gets. The drawing a line under of the Brandon Land Titles Office was quite a seeking experience. All of the staff had been relocated and had to leave their families and friends. I was not excited about moving to Neepawa because it a new reputation of as being a rough city – but still does for that matter. With that being said, I will mention that not merely was I actually moving to a rough town…but also to work in a basement. However , I advanced from a Land Headings Clerk II to that of a Land Game titles Clerk 4. I was the first in support of LT Attendant IV inside the district offices. Shortly after, I used to be promoted to Document Examiner. Our 27 years in Portage have already been rewarding and advantageous in respect to many opportunities which may not have been found in Brandon.

The move from the Neepawa Land Titles Office from the key of the basement to the present area was a great...


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