New Baneshwor,



The Staff Director,

Cosmo Press Ltd,


25th This summer, 2012

Special Sir,

We am a student in THIS and was currently looking for a sort of responsibility of my future vacation. I have been advised to publish to you to provide my providers to the business as a network operator mainly because it has good reputation.

Quickly, my certification and experience are the following: I have passed my XXXX as well as as well as two tests with very good grades. I've also considered computer classes on Web developing at XXXXX, XXXXXXX and am quite sure my own knowledge on the net based requirements and languages will be helpful for the work. I have also analyzed programming in another computer start and know quite well regarding the computer related programs. I actually also know about the network traffics, machines in network and about challenges arising in it.

I've also developed a couple of personal websites so we can share our information and opinions about virtually any context and therefore are quite popular. I want to affiliate me in the field of network management. Net has gained quite a lot of acceptance now and is a must in the present age. I would like to put my part in your company therefore it can be much more renowned and much better. I use worked part time in Simsim Ltd. As being a network agent and I know very well what I have to handle and how challenging the work becomes at times. My spouse and i am confident that I will never make the business regret to take me in. I look forward to hearing from you again and would be pleased to supply you with other details. Yours Faithfully,



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