Redemption in the Kite Athlete.

Throughout " The Kite Runner” Amir is described as a son who is constantly trying to make up or redeem himself for the errors he couldn't control, or made. By simply Amir earning the tournament he attempts to redeem himself since this individual believes this individual caused his mother's death, but by redeeming him self for that he witnessed the mistake for not standing up for Hassan. After earning the tournament with the help of Hassan he redeems himself intended for his daddy. Amir is definitely weak in Baba's sight, and believes everything his son will is wrong. Amir would like to be Baba's favourite and then for Baba to offer him every one of his focus, due to their objectives in one one other. Baba can be redeemed to his boy after he wins and beats the record inside the kite event. Amir risked his your life by going back to Afghanistan. After giving Afghanistan when justin was eighteen. Escaping inside the container of a gas trunk, after the attack of Russians on Afghanistan. Amir had zero reason to go back, until 1 day when Rahim Khan tells him regarding Hassan's death. However the the majority of shocking area of the letter problems Hassan's true father, which can be Baba. Amir stands up for Sohrab by fighting Assef for him. When Amir returns to Afghanistan to look for Sohrab proves to be the answer to his duvet towards Hassan, it also is the source of the redemption he so frantically wants to search for. He decided to find Sohrab and attempts his most difficult to give him a better existence even if that does suggest sacrificing his own protection. Therefor during " The Kite Runner” Amir is usually portrayed like a boy who may be always aiming to make up or redeem him self for the mistakes he made, but will redeem him self towards his father, Sohrab and especially Hassan. As Hassan's and Amir's father will say " a boy who have can't stand on with himself becomes a man who have can't stand up to anything” nevertheless Amir shows he can operate for him self.


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