Kulula. com: The Studies and Tribulations of a To the south African: Online Airline Anesh Maniraj Singh

University of Durban

Kulula. com was launched in August 2001 as the first on the net airline in South Africa. Kulula is one of two airlines that are operated by simply Comair Limited. British Airways IBA), the other airline that Comair runs, is known as a full-service franchise operation that serves the South African do mestic market. Kulula, unlike HANDBAG, is a limited-service operation geared towards providing low fares into a wider household market using five aeroplanes. Since its invention, Kulula provides rein vented air travel in South Africa, making it possible for more people to fly than ever before Kulula is a true To the south African e-commerce success. The corporation boasts among its success the fact that it has been lucrative from 1. It is recognized international among the top low-cost airtines and participated within a conference joined by other such internationally noted low-cost service providers as Virgin Blue, Norwegian air, and easy Plane. Kulula also received an award from the South Africa Department of Trade and Industry for being Technology Best 1 00 company. Kulula's success is founded on its clearty defined technique of being the lowest-cost service provider in the Southern region African domestic air travel sector. To this end, Kulula provides adopted a no-frills way. Staff and cabin staff wear basic uniforms, and the company provides n airport lounges. You will discover no business class seats and no frequent-flyer programs. Buyers pay for their particular food and drinks. ln addition, Kulula does not issue paper tickets, an few travel agents publication its ftights-90 percent of tickets are sold directly to buyers. Furthermore, consumers have to pay intended for ticket improvements, and the firm has a plan of " no fly, no refund. " However, in its drive to keep costs down, Kulula does not bargain on routine service and basic safety, and this employs the very best pilots and meets the best safety standards. Like most B2C companies, Kulula aims to create consumer...


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