Essay about Marketing Management

Areda T. Sermons

Liberty University

BUSI 520-B18

This kind of essay is going to explore just how Joshua you: 9 relates to marketing management. The main point from the verse will be courageous. Daily aspects of your life require courage. For some, courage comes quickly. For others, it might present challenging. Courage can be explained as the quality of the mind or with the spirit that enables a person to face something that may be hard, a danger, agonizing, etc ., without fear or perhaps with braveness. Marketing administration consists of the art and science of selecting concentrate on markets, pretty much applying marketing plans and managing techniques to acquire, keep through adding customers simply by creating, delivering, and interacting excellent consumer value (Kotler and Keller, 2012). Today, marketing takes on a vital role in religion. Spiritual organizations happen to be, now more than ever, trying to get customers' attention. Correlating religion and marketing, consumers are just as attached to brands as they are to faith. World is used to having products that fulfill a specific need. That need is the same is predicted from hope (Bulik, 2009). Marketing and religious beliefs share an extremely thin collection and Joshua 1: 9 addresses the partnership between the two. The scripture itself is definitely encouraging with the proverbial message to be solid and brave. In advertising, there are vast amounts of competition and not everyone plays pretty. When this happens, the bible stimulates us to never be afraid but to be courageous. God is somewhat more interested in the processes used in a hobby or organization that what the actual motive is. The efforts of someone who has the incorrect intention may and often carry out, result in a benefit. God promised Joshua that he would be with him as well as the Israelites to fulfill their quest. Without God, Joshua's mission would not had been successful. This kind of scripture gives a feel that, just as in marketing, we will have issues, but since God is usually...

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