Reaction Paper for the State from the Nation Talk about of Director Benigno Aquino III: " Equal Opportunities”

It is Chief executive Noynoy's next SONA. Generally seems to me it had long been 3 years and counting when ever his Excellency have been selected as the President of the Republic of the Philippines and i also can see as he presented his SONA that most this time, having been really doing work himself to our country.

Many people have been all ears for Chief executive Noynoy's SONA- some could be to see the improvement of the nation, some to witness him fail his promises plus some like me were required to generate a reaction paper. But in general we all have the responsibility to care the proceedings now during his term, what he had already carried out and obtained. There were points that I want my viewpoints to specifically concentrate on.

In his talk, he had brought up the possibilities for everyone specifically among who require them most. This includes the scholarship courses for TESDA. Our college or university has a building sharing with TESDA. I see junior of my personal age and others who I understand who cannot afford education from private organizations and simply cannot meet the educational background requirements studying in TESDA. I see hope to those people who wants to master despite of economical problems. In his SONA this individual said, " Noong araw po, ayon sa pag-aaral ng DBM noong 06\ hanggang 2008, ang nakahanap ng trabaho sa mga napagtapos ng TESDA: twenty eight. 5 percent lamang. Noong lumipas na taon naman po: sa IT-BPO program, 70. 9 percent ang employment rate ng ating mga napatapos sa TESDA. Sa electronics and semiconductor program naman, umabot sa eighty-five porsyento ng mga nagtapos noong 2012 ang nagkatrabaho. ”. This individual reports the success rate of actually finding a job following studying in TESDA. He proved that if you cannot find the money for education that is not the end of striving to learn and boost one's do it yourself. And that achievement wasn't because of him. It was the product of the student's eagerness to master and the administrator's eagerness to assist...


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