A spiralateral is acknowledged as a sequence of line segments that form a shape that resembles a spiral. You make spiralaterals by simply picking a spot on a piece of graph paper as the starting point with the spiralateral. In that case take a group of three figures and applying that point rise the 1st number of squares on the graph paper, move right the 2nd number of potager, down the third number of squares and remaining the initially number of squares going in that pattern until the line meets the kick off point. So if you were using the figures 1, two, and three or more you would do what is proven in the diagram below. Going up one square, then you certainly go right two potager, next you drop three potager and start the sequence once again but while going in that direction. So when you go down 3 you will get left one and then up two and you simply keep going in that same pattern. When I started my number of spiralaterals I actually started with trying to find out what would happen at the time you switched the order from the numbers and I saw a design. The concept I explored applying spiralaterals was whether or not changing the order of the 3 numbers of the sequence could change the form, size or perhaps view with the spiralateral.

My first ideas regarding spiralaterals initially when i first saw these people was what they would look like when you transformed the buy of the quantities and whether they would constantly connect. I thought that in the event the order was changed maybe the general shape of the spiralateral would modify or the condition maybe would become wider or a more elevated. Also I had been wondering in case you used specific numbers and also the same number twice whether or not it would connect. The method I used to explore my concept was going to pick three numbers and make spiralaterals for all the likely combinations of the people three quantities. So I built spiralaterals pertaining to 1-2-3, 1-3-2, 2-1-3, 2-3-1, 3-2-1 and 3-1-2 and saw what it did. Likewise I put in some randomly number combinations just to discover what it will do and because I was tired of doing these people in order. Although doing this POW and...


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