Portrayal of Sexuality Roles and Sexuality in Media

Ariel Norbutas

Walden University

HMNT3001, Section one particular, Modern Well-known Culture

06 13, 2014

Portrayal of Gender Functions and Sexuality in Multimedia

The mass media plays a strong role in much of communities definition of normalcy involving male or female roles and sexual positioning. Popular tradition attempts to paint a picture of what normalcy is to apply " sheer repetition on a daily basis, which plays an important part in shaping broad sociable definitions” (Croteau and Hoynes, 1997, pp. 166). What is equally important and interesting is not just what the mass media chooses to broadcast towards the public, but also what they fail or neglect to represent. In the book Media/Society: Industries, Pictures, and Audiences, authors Bill Hoynes and David Croteau (1997) point out, " Multimedia images implies what is ‘normal' and what is ‘deviant. ' Popular press has a tendency to display a remarkably filter range of patterns and life-style, marginalizing or perhaps neglecting those who are different from the mass mediated norm" (pp. 166).

The Subliminal Messages Being Send

Cosmopolitan Journal is a popular newsletter directed largely toward youthful women. Whilst this magazine does offer helpful beauty tips, romance advice, as well as the newest information about health and fitness, it is necessary to point out that almost all this syndication is centered on sex ideas, how to transform your life appearance, understanding how a man feels and understanding what he wants out of a romance and how to please him at sex. Throughout this kind of magazine there are images of ladies, where the great majority are slim and gorgeous and have a striking resemblance to Barbie. The articles that are published in this journal are based on the normal stereotypes of women and a women's ‘role' such as keeping your gentleman happy, seeking pretty, working without emotional selves and what we should and shouldn't put on. In a May 2008 copy of Multicultural Magazine, a peice titled " What Makes Men Fall in Love” lists the qualities which a man typically looks for within a woman. If the female visitor views this lists of ‘male wants/needs' they instantly feel like they should conform to those standards in order to be desirable. When viewing men's journals such as Saying, you will see a broader array of article issues and advertising, some of which consist of fitness and health, tidying, electronics, games, hobbies, sports activities cars, and motorcycles. Yet, in the midst of all with this you will notice that on just about any page whatever the topic, you will observe a thin, stunning supermodel in some manner thrown into the mix. This ultimately retains the men interested while as well materializing girls. Some of the content articles include, " She's normally the one (Night Stand)” and " Top 55 Chest List. " " Maxim Mag sends the message to men in their images, content, and adverts that women happen to be mere items that delight in their gazes, and want to be dominated. Females are displayed as equally eager to satisfy the desires of men and as an item to the guy ego” (University of Or, 2010, afin de. 4). In Cosmopolitan Journal, the articles or blog posts and images concentrate on learning how to know how men think in order to become the girl he desires. This eventually leads to the lady becoming somebody she basically in order to make the person happy. The messages persuade women to " accept the dominance of guys by defining themselves with regards to male expectations” (University of Oregon, 2010, para. 4). " Multicultural is a guide for women to live in a men fantasy universe created by media while Maxim reephasizes male stereotypes of women simply by representing them as enjoying the exploitation of their body and staying submissive to men” (Piepmeier, 2009, pp. 270). The depiction of both men and women in both of these guides is displayed in a very stereotypical fashion and focuses primarily on what American traditions has considered to be ‘normal. ' Girls are proven as slender, beautiful,...


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