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English language – 119

14th October 2012

Multimedia Influence the Identity and culture

Over the last few decades, since that time the televisions and personal computers were invented, self ethnic identities have already been influenced due to progress in technology, which we typically referred to as media, and whether the world benefits from this method or not has become a debatable issue amongst most of the people on the globe. As what survey demonstrates a dominant group of people who tend to believe that details were being messed up by distributing through mass-media which is the most inappropriate procedure ever made as a result of it's really destructive results. For instance, among my friends captivated the other peoples hair with out a reason, and when he was asked why, this individual said " That's the things i saw in the movie”, and he appears to be happy with that. What it demonstrates that, young children were being brainwashed by the media plus they start to replicate what they find. All of a start, mass media has become responsible for the framing and impacting on of our details, as the conventional sources of identity, such as family, social jobs and the cathedral, have started to fade away. Because our company is constantly being surrounded by the media, all of us allow it to produce stereotypes, and let it change the way all of us act and think. For instance , popular television shows such as 'Simpsons' are constantly bombarding all of us in destructive ways with believable stereotypes and deceiving images, even though songs just like 'I was woman' can transform the way all of us view different social classes, and make completely new details. Secondly, popular media creates images which will, though almost impossible to imitate, young people try to become. Every time a young girl sees a magazine which has a model on the cover, she won't be taking into consideration the fact that the model provides a make-up specialist and Photoshop; she'll end up being thinking why she won't look similar. Teenage girls had been brainwashed by the media to think that they have...

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