Paragraph Structure

Introduction (one sentence – either a query, quotation, or statistic): We often see images of surges on the tv news.

Theme Sentence (one sentence – Topic & Controlling Idea): The massive amounts can be very harmful.

Points of Expansion:

1 . Financially 2 . Literally 3. Psychologically

BP1: Subject Sentence (POD#1):

Initial, the floods can cause a heavy financial loss to the sufferer. Explanation One(one sentence):

The victim has to pay money for property and possessions demolished by a overflow. Example 1 (one sentence):

It requires a long time and a lot of dollars to look for intact real estate deposited in the flood's course or intensive areas. Reason Two (one sentence):

The patient has to pay for cleaning and repairs.

Model Two (one sentence):

The floods produce items handled wet, protected with off-road and other dust, and vulnerable, which need to be cleaned and repaired. Reason Three (one sentence):

The victim has to spend on another expense from insurance.

Example 3 (one sentence):

The victim need to pay extra costs because sometimes coverage do not cover natural disasters in full.

BP2: Topic Sentence (POD#2):

Second, the flood can cause the range of significant physical difficulty. Explanation A single (one sentence):

The floods cause direct results.

Example One (one sentence):

When people are hidden away and threw into obstacles by flood normal water, many people drown or receive cuts and cracked bones. Explanation Two (one sentence):

The floods cause roundabout physical results.

Example Two (one sentence):

For instance , flood normal water is often infected and this may cause eye and skin contamination.

BP3: Theme Sentence (POD#3):

The flood cause emotional trouble to sufferer.

Explanation 1 (one sentence):

The flood shock the sufferer.

Case One (one sentence):

The shock sometimes may last for a few days.

Explanation Two (one sentence):

Subjects suffer from sadness if they will loss relatives and buddies in the surges....


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