Cultural Pathways Through Universal Development

This article examines the independent self or interdependent do it yourself theories of development. In addition, it presents three theoretical approaches to culture and development: ecocultural; sociohistorical; and, cultural values.

Main Suggestions:

2. Culture is a socially active process of structure, comprising two main pieces: shared activity (cultural practices) and distributed meaning (cultural interpretation). 5. The Ethnic Values Procedure – Culturally relevant developmental goals happen to be represented as implicit ethnotheories of development, i. e., a system of beliefs and ideas regarding the nature in the ideal child and the socialization practices necessary to achieve this suitable. * The Ecocultural Approach, sees the child's behavioral development as well as the acquisition of lifestyle as resulting from the connection between human biological potentialities and environmental conditions. To put it briefly, the ecocultural approach emphasizes development since an version to different environmental conditions and constraints. * The Sociohistoric Approach focuses on processes of social building, particularly ethnical apprenticeship, cultural activities or practices, the use of cultural artifacts, including equipment, and the historic dimension of those processes. The primary focus of this approach has been upon explaining the child's cognitive development. 5. Criticisms:

* One particular common critique of these ethnic paradigms is usually that the approach is too simplistic and reductionistic; the dichotomous binary quality of individualism and collectivism can be considered problematical. 2. Another critique of the construction involves the notion that 3rd party and interdependent concerns coexist in the same culture

* The primary theoretical method to relationship development is connection theory. Connection theory stresses the evolutionary basis of attachment relationships as being a phylogenetically evolved...


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