Overweight Teens don't Actually Consume More Calories

By Karen Rowan

Released September 12, 2012| MyHealthNewsDaily

1Overweight teens actually eat fewer calories daily on average than their slimmer counterparts, a new study locates. 2Among 12 to 14-year-old girls inside the study, girls who were incredibly obese ate about 300 fewer unhealthy calories on average daily than obese girls, and obese young ladies consumed 110 fewer calories from fat daily than healthy-weight young ladies. 3When the researchers viewed calories used by 15- to 17-year old males, they identified that obese boys had about 220 fewer calories from fat a day than boys who had been overweight (but not obese). And obese boys used about 375 fewer calories from fat than healthy-weight boys, the research showed. 4The findings demonstrate the difficulty of losing weight by simply cutting calories from fat alone, specially when the weight is attained early in life, the researchers said. В В 5" Intended for older children andВ teenagers, increasing involvement in physical activityВ may be important to excess weight and health than can be their children's diet, " said research researcher Asheley Cockrell Skinner, an assistant professor of health insurance plan and pediatrics at the School of New york at Church Hill. " Parents coming from all children ought to aim for a healthy diet plan, but may assume that obese children are eating any worse than their peers, " the girl said. 6The findings may provide validation for heavy teens faced with a frustrating reality: they consume less than their normal-weight peers, yet always weigh even more. 7" I think our studies are particularly significant from a social perspective, " Cockrell Skinner explained. " It can easy for world to make presumptions thatВ kids happen to be eating a whole lot of trash, which can likewise imply to take responsiblity for their unhealthy weight, but the exploration doesn't keep that out. " 8The findings happen to be published on the net today (Sept. 10) in the journal Pediatrics.

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