The film " About a boy" by the Weitz-Brothers is about a boy who has acquired social problems in school and at home and a man who gets involved in the life with the boy and lastly helps him and at the same time him self to go along better in life.

Will, Hugh Grant, has nothing critical to do in the life. He lives in the money the song of his daddy makes. His life seems to be based on getting to know women. To get his aim this individual starts to create children only to get more compassion from the solitary mothers.

Nevertheless his life changes for the " time of the dead duck". Can gets to know Marcus, a boy who has got no good friends and a depressive sole mother who will be a kind of hippy and has lots of challenges.

Will is out with a friend of Marcus mother. The lady takes Marcus with her and this individual kills not on purpose a duck. Each time a park inspector notices the dead duck and Marcus Will shields Marcus. Thankful for Wills actions Marcus begins to like and admires him. They go back in Marcus home and find his Mother whom tried to devote suicide. They take her to hospital and she is shortly well once again.

But as a result day on Marcus does not feel very well by living alone along with his mother any more. " Two is certainly not enough" This individual wants Can to become his mom's partner to cheer her up. Marcus pushes Will to go out with him and his mom. Although Can and his mother are too diverse for a marriage Marcus begins to visit Will certainly every day. Can helps Marcus to droped better and to get along better in school. Is going to starts to just like Marcus and asks him to help him with a girl named Rachel who he really wants and feels that he has got a child. But throughout the fact that this individual for the first time falls into love this individual tells her the truth plus they break up.

Is going to feels seriously bad and avoids Marcus, who worries again that his Mother would try to commit suicide again. To cheer her up once again he would like to take part in a Rock and roll competition by his institution singing the song " killing me personally softly". What this means is to make social committing suicide.

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