Benzophenone's nonpolar nature can make it insoluble with water (which is polar), soluble with methanol (which is of more advanced polarity) and soluble with hexane (which is non-polar ). It is because generally, just like dissolves just like -- non-polar will dissolve non-polar but is not polar, and vice versa. But note that this really is an not perfect science -- you would anticipate hexane to dissolve faster and more totally than methanol (because of the differing polarities), but the contrary occurred. This might be because of benzophenone's ketone group, which adds a slight polarity for the molecule, which makes it a little extremely, although mostly non-polar. Biphenyl, which is entirely non-polar, may have similar solubilities as benzophenone: insoluble with water (polar), partially sencillo with methanol (intermediate polarity) and soluble with hexane ( nonpolar ). But with biphenyl (unlike with benzophenone) the solubilities are just as expected, as a result of biphenyl's complete nonpolarity. Nevertheless that points out any variations in solubilities between two substances. Polarity likewise played a role in the alcoholic beverages reactions: drinking water, which is polar, will be absurde with 1-octanol (which can be nonpolar ), insoluble with 1-butanol (also nonpolar ), and soluble with methanol (polar). Although it's a bit more complicated: the carbon cycle of each of those organic compounds will always be non-polar and therefore hydrophobic, but as these are generally alcohols, the -OH group, which is polar and therefore hydrophilic, comes into play too. So it's kind of a fight between the hydrophobic carbon chain and the hydrophilic alcohol group, and when the chain is usually long, just as octanol, it can overpower the alcohol. Conversely, in tiny alcohols like methanol (or ethanol etc . ), where carbon string is much short, it will put in a smaller hydrophobic force and the overall molecule will for that reason be hydrophilic. The hexane-alcohol reactions had the opposite solubilities, due to hexane's nonpolar mother nature (and the rule of like...


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