1 . Assess the buyer decision process of a normal Pink


A normal Pink client goes through a number of stages. It starts

with the customer's recognition that she has to have a specific

product, whether it be lingerie and even sweatpants or possibly a t-shirt.

The next stage will be the data search among several

places offering fashionable and cool items in order to find

out which is the right location to buy. Green will be very easily spotted simply by

likely customers mainly because they can locate very good references

of Lilac products almost anywhere (friends or family members or even the

Internet). Audience will also find a whole lot of attractive

details about Pink items in many forms of advertising,

whether the goods are shown on TV in form of style shows

(as Victoria Secret's products) or in many magazines.

After these kinds of stages, the buyer is going to examine all the

alternatives they have. They will probably compare Red

items with other brands such as American Eagle's Aerie or

Abercrombie & Fitch. However , what differentiates Pink is the fact it

is a sub-brand of the universally known Victoria's Secret, which will

various young girls find quite appealing since they are seeking

toward buy these products when they may be a bit older. The next

stage will be actually buying the product. By this time it will be

pretty easy to buy a Pink merchandise because of all the info

search and comparability with other brands; and also important

for the reason that products fantastic popular in present occasions and

almost every lady has a Green product.

Finally, the final stage is definitely the post buy behavior. That involves

evaluating the purchased products and comparing that with other

products you can have bought rather. It is likely that

customers will probably be really pleased because Victoria's Secret uses

this kind of sub-brand being a gateway to attract customers in buying

Victoria's Top secret when they are old.

2 . Apply the idea of aspirational groups to Victoria

Secret's Pink collection. Should online marketers have restrictions with regard

to this strategy?

The case says that Pink's items target mature women varying

via 18 through 30 years old. This is because women that are

within this age gap actually need these items in their daily

lives. However , women of actually 10 years old are going to Victoria

Secret's stores to get Pink goods. This is impacting young girls

in a bad way mainly because they will wish to mature faster thus they

can get a try of buying Victoria's sexier equipments while they are

a bit more mature.

Entrepreneurs are not doing a good job by setting boundaries

since these seriously young girls who should really be thinking

of princesses and fairytales are already considering going

shopping with their mom's to get sexy items. They are acquiring

the girls' childhoods away.

three or more. Explain how both confident and adverse consumer

attitudes toward a brand like Pink develop? How might

someone's attitude toward Pink change?

Adverse consumer thinking toward a brandname like Lilac may

develop via parents that spend a lot of money annually obtaining

Green products to their teen or perhaps young mature daughters. They could

feel that buying all of them so much Pink products is usually unnecessary.

Confident consumer attitudes toward Red may develop due to the

creation great and longer lasting relationships. One of the

causes of how Pink's marketers make good lasting

relationships is that every 3 of four weeks they start new

products in order to stay " fashion”. Consequently , Pink customers

will never see the same in their Exito Secret shops; they will

always have a great variety of products from which to choose.

Someone's frame of mind toward Lilac might change negatively by

acknowledging that they do not fall within the age range of 18

through 30 years of age....


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