Friendship-Of Rats and Males

Friendship can be something that everyone needs at any time. Friendship maintains us strongly interacted with this friends, it keeps you popular, retains you from loneliness.

Friendship is definitely an essential component to life to everyone. In my opinion, I connect to my friends strongly everyday, we all chat, we all play around, and that we work together in homework. Teens like all of us, we love to interact with friends, with people for our age. Without close friends, we won't be able to do anything. We take proper care of each other, we tell the other person everything, and often they are more important than the parents.

With out a friend, every single one of us is by ourselves, no one cares about us, at the meantime, we don't care about anyone. When you have no a friend you will isolate yourself from other persons, you will also isolate the part of your heart that wants close friends. Without a friend you won't have to care about your emotion, you simply close down your feeling, and focus on how to make money and receive jobs. Nevertheless one day later on, you will breakdown, like Crooks in the book, you have to find a location to relief your emotions that are kept in your body, at this moment you need a friend.

It's hard for us, individuals with many friends to think of a society wherever no one offers friends, exactly where people simply work, manage to get thier money and leave. In the book Of Rats and Men, people seriously just travel and leisure by themselves and maintain a distance from other people. But you will discover two exceptions, George and Lennie, they travel collectively from place to place, and handle each other to hold them far from loneliness.

The friendship between George and Lennie is usually tight, although also a necessary friendship, with no friendship they are all won't be in a position to survive or keep themselves sane. Within a hard time like that, everyone just focuses on how you can earn money, tips on how to survive. Friendship is something which no one likes you. When people understand that George and Lennie travel and leisure together, all are...


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