Of Rodents and Males Essay Issues

You will write a thoughtful article that is exploring one of the choices below. Will probably be 12 point, double-spacedTimes New Roman, MLA format, with 1 inch margins At least three or more pages long

3-5 great body paragraphs, plus an intro with a thesis, and a bottom line. Each body paragraph will have at least 1 estimate from the account

1 . Of Mice and Men reveals us that people can be inappropriate, or kind, or occasionally a mixture of the two. Compare a couple of characters (not George or Lennie). Come up with the ways in which those personas are vicious, or kind, or a blend. Thesis question- How do the actions of those characters support create a theme in Of Mice and Men?

2 . Display how Ruben Steinbeck is exploring the complicated relationship among George and Lennie.  You should reveal: What maintains them jointly, and the problems they each have. How they are different from other people within the farm. Thesis question: What is Steinbeck aiming to prove about friendship together with the characters George and Lennie? 3. The motif of connection is found throughout Of Mice and Men. Use at least two types of friendship and explain the theme that Steinbeck is intending to portray. Thesis Question- What is a interconnection theme that Steinbeck is definitely using in Of Mice and Men?

some. Loneliness is a motif located throughout Of Mice and Men. Choose one character and explain just how loneliness influences the character's actions and choices over the novel. Thesis Question- Precisely what is Steinbeck stating loneliness may do to the people?

Challenge Alternative

5. Chances of a job help people to outlive, even if they can never become real. How true are these claims for personas in Of Mice and Men?

Brainstorm Space

My personal second choice topic can be: _________________________________

I do believe a good reply to the thesis question might be: ____________________ ____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________...


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