New Review Shows Usage of Health and Wellness Bonuses Growing

Aon Hewitt executed a new study that shows employers in the Unites States are using health and very well incentives to motivate their employees to participate in health and fitness programs. From the 2, 000 employers surveyed, 84 percent provide incentives for employee participation in a health risk questionnaire and 64 percent provide bonuses for staff participation in biometric screenings (HR. BLR. com, 2012). In addition to providing incentives for set of questions participation, 54.99 percent of employers who also offer engagement incentives can also be providing monetary incentives for completing overall health managements courses such weight loss, smoking escale, cholesterol, and blood sugar mention just a few, thus producing " liability for better health” (HR. BLR. com, 2012). Simply by requiring and rewarding workers to participate and complete these programs, it can help improve the employee's lifestyle and minimize unfavorable future influence and wellness costs to get both staff and employer.


This article is relevant to HR because it helps HUMAN RESOURCES professionals, especially in the benefits discipline, leverage HRQs and biometric screenings to distinguish ways to develop employee well being programs that help promote health awareness for both the staff and the organisations, as well as put into action passive or perhaps active precautionary measures pertaining to the employee and their dependents. Many people are potentially encountered with some form of genetic or behaviorally driven disease or health issues and these types of programs support identify all those who have potential health hazards and may present employees with an increase of affordable healthcare resources, and assist in managing health care costs. In addition , by simply encouraging and rewarding workers to take part and complete health and wellness programs, it not only discharges the meaning that the employer cares about the employees, nevertheless that it will entice and preserve talent because it is...


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