Lab 7 of 7 (30 points)

336010 Assess Abilities for Putting into action Complex Sites

3575-spv Maintenance VLANs and Router-on-a-Stick

Brand: Francisco Santoya

Date: 8/22/2012

Professor: Daryabigi

336010 Evaluate Skills for Implementing Intricate Networks (10 points) Write a paragraph (minimum five college-level sentences) below that summarizes what was completed in this research laboratory, what you discovered by carrying out it, just how it pertains to this week's TCO's and other course material; and as important, how you feel it will eventually benefit you in your academics and specialist career

With this week's Research laboratory I discovered how to troubleshoot the physical layer. Moreover I learned how to troubleshooting trunks and troubleshoot layer 3 handling. In addition I actually change the acceleration of an user interface and transformed the de dos pisos setting of interface then I configure lively interfaces with descriptions, soon after customized the MAC address used by a great interface. This kind of exercise was beneficial as it was timed, and an actual career establishing time restrictions are always a factor. In addition this newly attained knowledge Fine-tuning router-on-a-stick configuration settings will most likely be on the CCNA test.

3575-spv Troubleshooting VLANs and Router-on-a-Stick

As well, after completing invisalign, you must entertain work by simply copying and pasting a screenshot with the following configurations/verification: Task one particular: Verify physical layer is up on all devices (3 points)

Task 2: Confirm trunks are configured on all fuses (3 points)

Activity 3: Confirm the correct VLANs have been propagated (3 points)

Task four: Verify right access port configuration (3 points)

Task a few: Verify router's configuration (3points)

Task 6th: Test almost all connectivity with pings (3 points)

Paste a screenshot of your completed ElementK lab transcript found at Home/Account/Information/Transcript. Name must display on your records (2 points)

Please content all screenshots and synopsis on the same file.


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